The purest racing car combination: lightweight with extreme downforce and low running costs. Full carbon chassis, body and safety cell.


The season with Praga has started. Next race 3rd July 2021.

Over the past 20 years Praga has grown to reach a new level of global representation in many different kinds of track activities, production and services. Praga manufactured its own enduro bikes and specialises in karts as well as the race-winning, carbon monocoque Praga R1 racing car. The R1 has taken the chequered flag in European and American racing competition, most recently winning its class in the UK’s highly competitive 2019 Britcar series. Following success on the track, the brand has returned to the road – and to the skies – in recent years. Road car design and production was tested again with the unique Praga R1R prototype, whilst the Praga Alfa programme took flight in 2016

Praga R1

Technical specifications

Engine R-A Praga T Engine
Cylinders/valves: 4 cylinders / 16 valves
Engine power: 365 bhp @ 6900 RPM
Engine torque: 395 Nm (302 lb ft) @ 3750-6000 RPM
Displacement: 1998 cm3 (121,93 in3)
Bore x Stroke: 82,7 x 93 mm (3,256 x 3,661 in)
Location: Mid, longitudinally mounted
Engine life: 4500 Km (2796 miles) before rebuild