ThruDark: The Duratus Mind Podcast

The Duratus Mind – A podcast exploring all things performance, mindset and motivation. Gaz, a former Special Forces Sergeant Major but now personal coach, opens up his network to try and understand what motivates some to risk so much, why some are so driven, and what it takes to achieve success.

ThruDark are a technical outdoor clothing company born from arduous environments and highly demanding circumstances. The three directors of the company were all forged from decades within UK Special Forces. Nowhere in the clothing industry does their tagline of ‘Endeavour Through Adversity’ command such authenticity. Operational experiences define their products function.

Along with the host Gaz, Anthony ‘Staz’ Stazicker, Louis Tinsley and Jay Morton talk all things mindset, purpose, resilience, success and military transition. Jay also shares his experiences as a DS on the hit TV show SAS WDW.

This is a both lighthearted and unusual insight into the minds of one of the worlds most unique brands.

ThruDark HQ

Anthony Stazicker, Jay Morton, Louis Tinsley, Gaz